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"A photographers work is given shape and style by his personal vision. It is not simply technique, but the way he looks at life and the world arround him." Pete Turner

Hello. My Name is Alina Andreea Baciu. I have been born in a country with extraordinary places and people – Romania. But for now I live in Vieste, a town situated in the South of Italy on Adriatic Sea’s shore. I have sweetened homesickness and longing of others with a great passion of mine: Photography. 

It has entered my life in a moment when I felt that my world ended there. I had lost a dear person due to an incurable disease – cancer – and at the same time I was helping my Mum on her fight against the same disease... After I have lost the most precious persons of my life, Photography had been able to fill a part of the emptiness of my soul. I started feeling lucky even though I was surrounded by pain. I felt lucky because I realized that not everyone has the chance to discover a passion which beautifies their lives! 

My passion for Photography has changed my life. I started to realize the things that surrounded me, to pay attention to details, colors, and at the same time to observe the flaws. But the most important thing is that I realized that Photography has taught me that besides those bad things that life reserves us there are also as many beautiful things! 

This Blog exists in order to share to the world my work, my thought and love for Photography. Life can give us unpleasant surprises, and sometimes we feel as if we are bounded into a labyrinth full of disappointment and problems. We feel as if we cannot escape it. But the secret is to cope with it and go on . My mission is to please the eyes, the minds and hearts of others who see my photos. If I succeed even just for a second my mission has been fulfilled! I am just at the beginning of the road, but I hope that it will be filled with lots of realizations and satisfaction!

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